June 26, 2016 - #4528 Music and the Spoken Word

Music and the Spoken Word broadcast with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. June 26, 2016 Broadcast Number 4528.


“Hymn of Praise”1 
Music: Mack Wilberg
Lyrics: David Warner

“Look to the Day”1 
by John Rutter

“Herr Gott, dich loben alle wir”, from Cantata, BWV 130 
by Johann Sebastian Bach

“I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb” (Organ solo) 
German melody
Arrangement: Robert Cundick

“Deep River” 
Arrangement: Mack Wilberg

“The Spirit of God”2 
Music: Anonymous
Words: William W. Phelps 
Arrangement: Mack Wilberg

  1. On the CD Glory! Music of Rejoicing.
  2. On the CDs Then Sings My SoulCalled to Serve and Come, Come, Ye Saints. In the CD sets Anniversary Collection and The Missionary Collection.

Spoken Word

Radiate Goodness

The choices we make not only shape our lives but, in a way, show on our face. We all know people who seem to have a light in their eyes, people who seem to light up a room. In most cases, it’s not their charisma but their character that impresses us—not their personality but their purity. The goodness of their lives is reflected on their countenance. They project the kind of confidence that comes from living with honor and integrity.

Paul Harvey, the famous radio commentator, put it this way after visiting the campus of a religious university known for its high moral standards. "Each... young face," he said, "mirrored a sort of... sublime assurance. These days many young eyes are prematurely old from countless compromises with con science. But [these young people] have that enviable head start which derives from discipline, dedication, and consecration.”1

Several years ago, a student was traveling abroad when her connecting plane was unexpectedly delayed overnight. Even though the airline made accommodations for the passengers’ overnight stay, the young woman felt frightened, alone, and unprepared. She looked around at the other passengers and noticed a young mother who seemed to radiate peace and confidence in spite of the stressful situation. The student approached her and asked for some guidance. They ate dinner together, and the young mother calmed her fears. The next morning when they boarded the plane at the same time, the student thanked the young mother for her kindness. The student explained, “Somehow I knew you would help me.”

We have all been blessed by people who radiate goodness, and we can be that person for someone else. Of course, none of us is perfect, but if we are honestly striving to live in a positive way, it will show in our face, in our eyes, and in our countenance. And thus we can be a source of light to those around us.

1. In James E. Faust, "The Light in Their Eyes," Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2005, 20.